Real Estate / Personal Property


Acquisition, Divestiture & Management for our clients - If you have need here, we are more than qualified to engage with you and your family, colleagues, professionals or assigned people in this regard.  We assist with the acquisition and sale of Fine Homes, Estate Property, Commercial Property, Personal Property with Tax Efficient Strategies and Maximum Yield.

Most people that know me, refer to me as a Quant, on both Quantitative and Qualitative reasoning and but more importantly effective execution.   I held the highest score on ASVAB exam for twenty-two years, until the exam was changed.  I enjoy dealing with the hard to answer problems that individuals, companies and governments face.


I have been licensed, as a good standing, California Real Estate Broker, license #01078663, for twenty-five years.  Unlike others, that claim to be professionals, I am specifically educated in this space.   I have a degree in Real Estate Theory, Architectural Design, substantive study/working practice in business/finance and considerable study in law.  I maintained a Residential Appraiser license for a given multi-year period as well as FOURTEEN other licenses and qualifications, primarily in the financial arena.  By the time I was 24 years old, I listed, managed and sold an extensive amount commercial and residential real estate; achieved a Top 10 national sales ranking among 45,000 agents in 1994. I achieved Number One Partnership in California at that time.  I played key role in the expedition, development and completion of three residential subdivisions, a number of commercial properties, individual multi-use and residential properties; At my peak, I had 113 listings and 35 closed escrows in one month, in a down market. I have managed, built and sold three real estate companies.  I lead one company to a number one position in California, which resulted in a successful sale to corporate, Coldwell Banker. Always ongoing was property and construction management of 25-380 properties at any given time including estate management for several large noteworthy historic estates.  Much has been done since then.

My primary focus at this time, is Uber Real Estate-TM, where I am Chairman of the Board.

This can be reached at UberRealEstate.Com. 

We are focused on representing buyers and sellers of homes, working with Realtors and various MLS.

I also currently consult the largest funds, communications providers, the largest transportation entities in the world as well as the government. 

Personal Clients include known government officials, business executives, celebrities, sports figures, large property owners, high net worth individuals and many other normal everyday people.  Personal institutional clients include, but are not limited to Relocation Companies, Institutional Investors (Corporations, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Non-Profits, REITs, Endowments, Pensions), Developers and quite a number banks.


Concierge business management for high profile individuals, not limited too project management, accounting, human resources, security and administering countless pieces of priceless personal property is always a major function.