The fine Art of Staying Safe


As an additional benefit and no cost to our clients, we provide Fourth, Four+ and Fifth Generation Security / Intelligence.


It is simple math, the more you do, the more you can be exposed too.

The majority of these things are non-physical in nature. 

We like to observe, track, document situations, keep the initiative, be proactive and move when we see fit.

We can bring into play the digital services used by the F500 companies and leading intelligence agencies.


Interesting issues and personalities approach you and yours when are in the front of the world. 

We allow you to maintain focus and engage your audience.

We properly encourage those that need to go away, too properly go away without actual or headline risk. 


On a non-commercial basis, we have had the privilege of working or engaging with the below groups to further the world’s interests.  This included analytical and in the field experience.  We are familiar with the latest generation of methodologies.


I have personally had the honor of engaging with, The White House, The State Department, Senate Select Intelligence Committee, Defense Clandestine Services, Joint Chiefs, Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Homeland Security, United States Customs Service, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Interpol, Europol, MI6, Special Air Service, Mossad, Israeli Defense Force, Federal Security Service, Chinese Intelligence and South African Secret Service.


On a commercial basis, there is no reasonable intelligence that we cannot source immediately and put to action.  We have thousands of known, go to business contacts.